Our Story

Hi! Thank you for checking out our page! Jenni and I are so excited for the opportunity to assist you on your journey to live a healthier lifestyle!

A little bit about us. As athletes most of our life, we were always physically fit. Then, somewhere in our mid 30’s adult life happened. Work, kids, family obligations, more work, personal obligations, divorce, and yes, more work. Our once physically fit bodies disappeared and we found ourselves at 40 and 41 years old and in the worst shape of our lives. We were overweight, stressed, lacked energy, and had poor eating habits. It was to the point that I (Dan) couldn’t chase the kids around the yard without getting winded and out of breath after only a few minutes, and Jenni was experiencing headaches, lack of energy, and overall body fatigue.

The turning point for us was one night in May 2014, as we were sitting on our sofa eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, drinking some Cabernet Sauvignon, and scrolling through Facebook. That night we saw a post from a local gym offering a free 2 week membership trial if you answered yes to the following questions:

Are you 35 or older?

Not so happy with yourself physically?

Could your eating habits be better?

Feel like you just don’t have time to work out or prepare your meals?

When we answered a resounding, YES, to every question it really hit home with us. We were barely in our 40’s with three beautiful children 15, 8, and 2, and for the first time felt mortal. To continue on the path we were on wouldn’t only affect us, but our family as a whole. I immediately contacted the gym owner and started my 2 week trial within days of seeing the Facebook post. Jenni started doing some home workouts, and joined the gym a few months later.

At the beginning the workouts were tough, we were really feeling the effects of what we had done to our bodies, but we were determined and committed to getting ourselves healthy. We soon began to see and experience some great results. The next big turning point for us was December 2015, when we found our current nutritional program. At that point we really honed in on our diet, and combined with our workouts experienced phenomenal results!! Now at 43 and 44 we’re in the best shape of our lives, and have more self-confidence and energy than we did in our 20’s.

During our transformations we gained a newfound appreciation for health and wellness. Because of our results we’re PASSIONATE about sharing our experience! Our goal is to assist as many people as possible achieve and regain their health by instilling easily adaptable life changing habits in exercise and nutrition that promote healthy living and lifestyle choices. Habits that will last a lifetime!

We are 100% committed to coaching and supporting you throughout your journey, so join us today and:

Create a healthy lifestyle with our encouraging, motivational, low-key, approach

Learn exercise and nutrition techniques

Release weight, build lean muscle, increase your energy, and create what healthy means to you

Build a legacy of wellness for you and your loved ones

To Your Health,

Jenni and Dan